Frankie Lons Arrested in Atlanta

30 Apr


“Celebrity Rehab” star and mother to singer Keyshia Cole, Frankie Lons was arrested thursday after a traffic stop in an Atlanta suburb.

According to police, she was driving erratically. After stopping the car containing the 50 year old, police noticed that she still had an active warrant out for her arrest from a probation violation. Not only that, but reports state she had drug-related material on her as well.

According to TMZ, Frankie was taken to jail where she was booked for misdemeanor possession of drug-related material and a probation violation.

Law enforcement said, a warrant was out for Frankie’s arrest for failing to appear at a mandatory court date related to her probation earlier this month.

Frankie made her television debut on the popular BET reality series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is. A fan favorite on the show for a wildly entertaining and unruly persona, Frankie starred in the short-lived spin-off Frankie & Neffe in 2009 before becoming a cast member on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab.

(Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)

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