Waka Flocka Cleared on Drug Charges

4 May


Juaquin Malphurs, better known to the world as Waka Flocka flame has been cleared on drug charges stemming from a raid of his Atlanta home.

A grand jury in Henry County, GA ruled there was not enough evidence against Waka to warrant a trial for the drug charges filed against him — possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana measuring less than an ounce.

Three other charges stemming from the raid were dropped before the case went in front of the grand jury.

Police raided Waka’s Georgia home back in December and arrested several people — including fellow rapper Gucci Mane. Waka was not home during the raid.

The rapper let his fans know of his fate via Twitter, posting the following:
WakaFlockaBSM “All charges droped from when police ran N my house #GoDsGooD #squad”

Read more on TMZ.com: http://www.tmz.com/2011/05/03/waka-flocka-arrested-rapper-juaquin-james-malphurs-georgia-possessing-shotgun-violated-probation-bail-houston-county-jail/

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