Shemar Moore Sues Driver of Car Crash for his Leg Injuries

20 May


Actor Shemar Moore 41, has filed a lawsuit against the owner of car that ran into him on his bike in Los Angeles. TMZ is reporting that the accident occured in 2009, however Moore has failed to come to a settlement with the driver.

The driver, Philip Randall failed to yield to a traffic sign and hit Moore, sending him to the hospital with a broken leg. Moore filed the claim today in Los Angeles Superior Court. He is requesting medical damages and loss of future income as a result of the accident. Moore is best known for his current role as ‘Special Agent Derek Morgan’ on the television show ‘Criminal Minds’.


Whatever lump sum he gets from Randall will just be icing on the cake for the actor. According to, Moore has signed on for next season of ‘Criminal Minds’ and “he will be doubling his salary to about $100,000 an episode, up from just north $50,000 per episode under his old agreement.”

The Examiner and TMZ contributed to this article.

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