Faizon Love Arrested for Domestic Violence

11 Jun

Funny man Faizon Love — who voices Bruce the Bear in the upcoming travesty “Zookeeper”, was arrested on charges of domestic violence,  CeLAWbrity has learned.

Jail records indicate Love was booked into custody at 9:07 AM PT Friday.

He was arrested on fourth degree domestic assault and bail has been denied. The comedian is currently on probation stemming from an earlier assault conviction. In 2009, Faizon, whose real name is Langston Faizon Santisima, was booked on one count felony assault for allegedly punching some dude in the face after being rejected from a nightclub.

California law treats instances of domestic violence as a crime against both the victim and the state. Even if the alleged victim no longer wants to press charges, prosecutors will still proceed with the case as long as (1) they believe the crime was committed, and (2) they have evidence to make their case in court.

If  Love is convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence under Penal Code 273.5, he can face any of all of the following:

    • a minimum three-years of informal or “summary” probation,
    • up to a one year sentence to county jail (and (1) a minimum fifteen days in jail if the conviction was within seven years of a previous conviction for Penal Code 242 battery (with or without a serious bodily injury allegation), Penal Code 243.4 sexual battery, or certain types of aggravated assault, and (2) at least 60 days in jail if the conviction was within seven years of two prior convictions for the same),
    • up to $6,000 in fines (or up to $10,000 if the conviction was within seven years of a previous conviction for any of the above offenses or for Penal Code 243(e)(1) domestic battery), OR
    • payments to a battered women’s shelter not to exceed $5,000 and/or reimbursement to the alleged victim for any medical and/or counseling services he/she reasonably incurred as a result of the offense,
    • protective order that protects the alleged victim from further acts of violence, threats, sexual abuse, stalking, harassment, and possibly a residence exclusion and/or stay-away conditions,
    • restraining order that prohibits you from having any contact with the alleged victim for up to ten years,
    • notice to the victim of disposition of the case,
    • successful completion of at least a year’s worth of batterer’s classes that meet for at least two hours on a weekly basis,
    • any other type of counseling services that the court determines might be beneficial (substance abuse and/or alcohol educations classes, for example), and
  • completion of a community service program.

No comment from his attorneys yet on the charges.



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