R&B Singer and Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama, Nivea Arrested

21 Jun

Rapper Lil Wayne’s baby mama #4 — R&B singer Nivea — was busted for DUI in Atlanta this weekend  According topolice,  the singer crashed into a tree, with a child in the car  Thanks to our friends at TMZ, we have obtained her hideous mug shot.



TMZ says the incident took place after Nivea left a nearby wedding reception for her friend Toya Carter (Lil Wayne baby mama #1) … where she also hung out with Lauren London, also a baby mama for Lil Wayne–(#3 if you are keeping count).

According to police, Nivea was on the road around 1:30 AM on Sunday when she plowed her ’06 Mercedes right into a tree that had fallen into the road during a recent storm.

Reportedly, when cops arrived at the scene, Nivea had “bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelled like alcohol.” Nivea told police she only had 3 drinks earlier in the evening … and didn’t see the bright yellow crime tape and the traffic cones directing cars away from the downed tree.

Nivea was eventually arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and reckless driving. We’re told the child in the car was not injured and was released to Nivea’s boyfriend.

Sources close to the singer’s  family are adamant she was NOT drunk, or speeding, at the time of the accident.


TMZ contributed to this article.

One Response to “R&B Singer and Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama, Nivea Arrested”

  1. Cheri Woods October 5, 2011 at 12:33 am #

    Lets not forget the OTHER “one-hit wonder singer Stevie” STEVIE WOODS (of “Steal the Night” fame) a deadbeat dad who made a mockery of the legal system which he has eluded, when he fled the U.S. for Germany to avoid child support. As with Stevie B, he too, has not missed a performance, starring in “Starlight Express” and live performances across Europe.

    -Cheri Woods

    Ex-wife and mother of his child

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