Rick Ross Sued After Pitbulls Escaped his Atlanta Mansion

5 Jul

Rapper Rick Ross is being sued by a neighbor in Atlanta who claims his three pitbulls killed her Yorkshire Terrier.

TMZ.com reports that Rick Ross’ three pitbulls escape from his Atlanta mansion in April.

The dogs attacked Ross’ neighbors’ three-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, who suffered “three large bite wounds on his back,” as well as “a very large bite” around his neck.

Under Georgia law, owners of animals are responsible for the damages caused by such animals.

According to the lawsuit, the Yorkshire sustained injuries that were so severe that the owner had to euthanize the dog.

Under GA’s animal laws, Ross’s dogs are required to be kept in a “proper enclosure” means an enclosure for keeping a dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog while on the owner’s property securely confined indoors or in a securely enclosed and locked pen, fence, or structure suitable to prevent the entry of young children and designed to prevent the dog from escaping.
Ross was cited for the incident, but the owner is upset because the rapper allegedly never apologized for the dog attack.

The owner of the yorkie is seeking $15,000 in damages plus court costs.

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