Ghostface Killah Sued for Copyright Infringement

6 Jul

Rapper Ghostface Killah is being sued for the unauthorized use of a sample on his 2000 album Supreme Clientele.

Composer Jaques “Jack” Urbont is suing the colorful Wu-Tang Clan rapper for the illegal use of a sample from his copyrighted theme music to the 60s television cartoon “Iron Man.” The theme appears several times on Supreme Clientele.

Urbont owns the exclusive rights and says the song was used without being cleared by the label or properly credited in the album’s liner notes.

“The defendants fraudulently concealed their use of the ‘Iron Man Theme’ on Supreme Clientele,” the lawsuit says. “For instance, the liner notes of Supreme Clientele do not give any indication that Urbont’s sound recording or compositions are contained on the album…Urbont is over 80 years old and would not normally encounter the defendants rap music in the ordinary course of his dealings in the music industry or otherwise.”

Urbont is seeking an undisclosed amount in damages–reportedly millions. Producer RZA and Razor Sharp Records are also named in the suit.

HipHopBlog contributed to this report.


2 Responses to “Ghostface Killah Sued for Copyright Infringement”

  1. Berger March 3, 2012 at 6:45 am #

    Get upset! Simply letting the quota happen isnt acceptable. Generally this will allow you to take the inititive to make things happen.

    • celawbrity March 3, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

      What does this have to do with copyright infringement?

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