July 4 Fights in ‘Jersey Shore’ Town End with 62 Arrests! MTV’s Show to Blame?

6 Jul

On July 4, there were more than fireworks in the sky on Jersey Shore. There were fireworks and hot tempers on the ground as well! Several fights broke out on July 4 after the 

New Jersey’s fireworks display and 62 people ended up getting arrested.

Thousands of spectators were on the boardwalk for the day’s festivities and for the fireworks display and most of them left afterwards but officers stated that some chose to stay after the display was done. Unfortunately, for cops that meant the crowds became unruly and arrests were being made left and right.

Seaside Heights Detective Steve Korman stated that of the 62 people arrested on July 4, 32 were arrested for disorderly persons offenses while the rest were arrested for interfering with law enforcement, assault and drug possession. Hmmm, one would think that interfering with law enforcement and assault would also be considered for disorderly persons offenses, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, the craziness of the night got so out of hand, it didn’t stop until officers closed down Jersey Shore’s boardwalk at 1 a.m. This is the largest number of people to have been arrested at Seaside Heights, N.J. since MTV’s Jersey Shore first aired.

People used to wonder if it was MTV and the limelight that was causing its Jersey Shore cast to go all out bonkers and fight with everyone. Now, it looks like they were just doing what the said reality stars do on-screen. They’re just getting drunk and acting like fools. Awww, what better day than July 4 for that kind of behavior? How about never?

Source: Evalynn J. Saeyang – Gather Inc



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