Madonna Sued for Being Noisy Neighbor

9 Sep

From the International Business Times

Pop singer Madonna is being sued by a neighbor in her upscale Manhattan apartment building for making too much noise.

Madonna faces a court hearing after Karen George complained Madonna danced around and played music so loudly that her upstairs  apartment would shake, the New York Post said.

According to George’s lawsuit, she was bombarded by “blaring music, stomping and shaking walls” for up to three hours each day.

The suit added: “Despite Ms. George’s repeated complaints over the past seventeen months to the defendants concerning this situation, the pounding noise and vibration continues to emanate from Madonna’s apartment, and Ms. George has been forced to endure substantial interference with her tenancy by virtue of defendants’ failure to fulfill their obligations.”

Madonna, 53, tried to get the suit dismissed, but Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Louis York said there was evidence to take the case to trial.

“One of the most basic functions of a residence is to provide shelter from the outside world for its occupants to think, interact and relax in peace,” York wrote in a judgment.

“If the noise caused by Madonna’s activities prevented from being able to use her apartment for these purposes, then the warrant of habitability has been breached.”

The New York Law Journal reported that after George complained to the building’s board and management in June 2008 about Madonna making noise, nothing was done to resolve the matter.

Reportedly, George initially sued the board and an entity called Midboro Management for “breach of the warranty of habitability, private nuisance, attorney’s fees and injunctive relief” that would have compelled Madonna to lower the volume.

A spokeswoman for Madonna, Liz Rosenberg, responded to the allegations by stating that her client “no longer lives in the building and hasn’t for several months,” and that when she did live there “she was a beloved and excellent neighbor.”

According to The Real Deal, Madonna bought the seventh-floor co-op unit in 2008 for $7 million.

According to The Daily Mail newspaper of Britain, Madonna faced similar noise complaints in London last year when she lived in Marylebone.

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